We buy unwanted houses you need to sell quickly!

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We buy unwanted houses you need to sell quickly!

Whether you've been a busy landlord with multiple properties for many years, or have just tried to get your feet wet in real estate investing by becoming a landlord, you will agree that being a landlord is definitely no fun.

Tenants calling you at 3 in the morning about a leaky toilet they broke themselves, "professional" tenants who get through life by living a few months in a landlords property without paying rent, knowing it will take several rent-free (on their part, expensive payment months on yours) to get evicted, actually dealing with evictions, a tenant who you are having difficulty evicting yourself, tenants who may pay their monthly rent, but party, smoke and ransack your real estate investment or previously beloved house, potential lawsuits from your tenants, a vacant investment that you can't rent out that's draining your additional income, ridiculously high property management costs, and paying money to repair damage someone else did to your property being a landlord can be one huge, neverending headache and nightmare!

In addition to the problems being a landlord represents if you don't fully understand your state's landlord tenant laws, you could be heading for a huge legal headache with massive lawyer bills.

If your tenant has ruined your real estate investment don't hesitate to let us help!

If you're having trouble getting that problem tenant out you can still sell us your house (read how to sell a house)and we will take care of evicting the tenant!

This is a common problem that effect many home owners that we buy houses from. Do you want to wait months and months for a real estate agent to try and sell the property for you only to fail, or if they do succeed charge you $20,000 or more? Do you put your house on the market yourselves and let strangers into your house without really knowing who they are? If you have low or no equity in your property then you may have very limited options of what you can do.

You could try and do all that or....
Homeia offer the easiest and fastest way to sell your house